The Play

feature film (94 min)

“Petr Čapek is the director of the regional theater, he is preparing his most ambitious play. But he will not find understanding for her either with his wife or with the representatives of the city. At that moment, the new actress in his ensemble will provide him with understanding and shared passion. A film about love and doing theater in a small town. “

Screenplay, direction, editing Alejandro Fernández Almendras
CameraInti Briones
ArchitectHynek Dřízhal
CostumesVeronika Moudrá
MasksPavla Frýdová
SoundKlára Javoříková, Lukáš Ujčík
Music productionPablo Vergara
Co-producersInti Briones, Ludvík Bohadlo (Sleepwalker), Michal Křeček (Magiclab)
ProducersVeronika Finková, Bruno Bettati, Augusto Matte, Alejandro Fernández Almendras, Guillaume De Seille
Footage94 min

The film was supported by: Státní fond kinematografie, Jeonju Cinema Project, Fondo De Fomento Audiovisual – Gobierno de Chile,

Corfo – Programa de Fomento Al Cine – Chile, Torino Film Lab, Angoa 

Cinema distribution:

Pilot Film (ČR) Jirafa (Chile) Reverso Film (Španělsko) Cinemaart SK (Slovensko)


© Film & Roll, Jirafa, Fernández Film, Arizona Productions, Jeonju Cinema Project

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