Life is a dog

Docusoap follows the year of the guide dog’s life – Mesie. From the birth of the puppy, through its training, until it is admitted to its new owner. At the same time, it tells the story of its future owner – the newly blind girl Klára (22 years old, Ostrava), who wants a guide dog, but due to her recent disability, she must first master the basic orientation in space and common daily tasks to work with the dog at home. In parallel with this main line, it presents a series of dramatic fates of five other handicapped people, for whom assistance and guide dogs have become integral companions in their lives, and various stages of coexistence of the disabled and dogs. At the same time, this six-part time-lapse cycle also follows the dedicated work of professional trainers who prepare dogs for their mission.

How will Klara’s meeting with her coveted dog turn out? Will not only her story end in a happy ending? Will the relationship between Klára and her family or her friends in the vicinity change? And will Bella be trained to suit the new owner?

DirectionJiří Fedurco
Theme and screenplay Jiří Fedurco, Michaela Strnad
CameraTomáš Svoboda, Jakub Halousek, Tomáš Nováček, Tomáš Kobolka, Jan Horáček
SoundMartin Šulc, Vítek Jíra, Pavel Bělohlávek, Tomáš Sokol,
Jakub Janků, Tomáš Kšír, Jakub Jurásek
EditingPetr Říha, Krasimira Velitchková
Executive producer of Film&RollVeronika Finková
Executive producer of ČTJarmila Hoznauerová
Creative producerKateřina Ondřejková
DramaturgeMartin Novosad
Footage6 x 45 min

At FILM & ROLL s.r.o. produced by Kateřina Ondřejková’s Creative Production Group

© Česká televize

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